RS sewer suspension – Here everything is combined in one, for quick and easy plugging of sewer pipes

RS Sewer suspension

RS Kloakophæng was developed in Denmark by Mikael Rødkjær, who owns the companies Polycut and Rødkjær Smed og montage Aps.

Mikael received an inquiry from a large contractor in Denmark for a solution for plugging sewer pipes, which was easier and faster to use than the already known systems with threaded rods.

The result of this inquiry was the RS sewer suspension, which makes the job of stringing up sewer pipes both easier and faster.

All in one

With the RS sewer suspension, everything is combined in one, and the suspension is simply twisted on the sewer pipe and tightened with a bolt.

All necessary approvals

RS kloakopäng has all the necessary approvals, meets current ERFA targets, and is made of acid-resistant stainless steel.

Easy, fast and efficient

The RS sewer suspension makes it quick, easy and efficient to strap up sewer pipes on the construction site, and is versatile.

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